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After visiting all the local parks in the West Palm Beach area, it’s become apparent that people just love to take their dogs to the park. However, only a few parks offer areas designated specifically for dogs where they can roam around in a safe environment and interact with other dogs. dogs at the parkThese are separate, fenced-in area, for both small and large dogs where they can be let loose and explore. Also a great place to come and relax and meet other dog lovers and make new friends. So here is a list of dog parks in West Palm Beach to visit with your dog or just to check out beforehand to see if it’s a good fit for your dog.

On this video, you can get an idea of what you can expect to find at most dog parks. This was taken June 6, 2013 at Dreher Park. Had rained in the morning so no dogs on the video….maybe it’s time for me to get one!


Pooch Pines Dog Park
Okeeheelee Park
(at top of the hill)
Separate area for small and large dogs
Cooling stations
Poop disposals

Okeeheelee Park Feb. 2013 035Okeeheelee Park Feb. 2013 030 Okeeheelee Park Feb. 2013 029


Canine Corner Dog Park
Dreher Park – South side
Fenced and separate sections for small and large dogs
Cooling stations
Water fountains
Benches/covered Pavilions
Play Structure (tunnel) for dogs
Poop Clean-up and Disposals

Dreher Park Dog Park Rules

Dreher Park South 028Dreher Park South 027Dreher Park South 026Dreher Park South 025Dreher Park South 024



CityPaws Dog Park
Howard Park
Shaded benches for people
Separate area for small and large dogs
Cooling Stations
Doggie bag station/Disposal
Benches/Picnic tables

Howard Park 023 Dog parkHoward Park 025 Howard Park 022 Howard Park 021 Howard Park 020 Howard Park 018


Mary Brandon Dog Park
Mary Brandon Park
Separate Fenced Area for small and large dogs
Play Tunnels
Chairs, Benches, Tables
Cooling Stations
Doggie Bag Station/Disposal

Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 006Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 010

Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 009Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 008

Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 007Mary Brandon Dog Park WPB 013






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