rg-kruesler-park-sign2695 S. Ocean Blvd,
Palm Beach, Fl 33480
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

4.23 acres park located next to the Lake Worth Casino, R. G. Kreusler Park has $2.00/hour parking with easy access to the guarded beach. rg-kruesler-park-walkwayrg-kruesler-park-amenitiesrg-kruesler-park-bathroomsrg-kruesler-park-beach-accessrg-kruesler-park-beach-arearg-kruesler-park-beach-viewrg-kruesler-park-benchesrg-kruesler-park-bike-parkingrg-kruesler-park-lake-worthrg-kruesler-park-pathrg-kruesler-park-patiorg-kruesler-park-paved-pathBeautiful well maintained grounds with plenty of benches, wide paved walkway, outdoor showers, restrooms amenities and bike parking.rg-kruesler-park-parking-kiosk

R. G. Kruesler Park is very popular with tourists during the winter season for its convenient location close to Lake Worth Beach shops and restaurants.