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Yes, winter is in full force here in West Palm Beach. Dry, cold, crisp and add sunshine, it is absolutely a great time of year. Time to pull out jackets, sweaters and boots. No, we don’t need boots for the snow. But they do add style to an outfit! Really cold weather does not last that long here so we should appreciate it all the more.

It’s also the time to think of those affected by the cold weather. boston terrierMainly people, pets and plants. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees especially with a windchill factor which can make it feel much colder, meteorologists recommend bringing in tender potted plants and pets indoor. The Salvation Army Center of Hope and the Westgate Tabernacle can assist the homeless with a meal and a warm place to spend the night.

It’s also the time of year when tourists come down for the season which benefits many local businesses with their patronage. The beauty of south Florida is apparent wherever you go. With our gorgeous beaches, museums, parks, golf and equestrian centers, restaurants and shopping district, there is so much to West Palm Beach that Hilton Hotel WPBvisitors can appreciate. There will be more reasons to come to West Palm Beach in the next few years with the soon opening of the Palm Beach Outlets mall, Flagler Financial District WPBthe construction of a Hilton Hotel next to the Convention Center as well as plans for a Flagler Financial District announced just recently by Mayor Jeri Muoio.

Although we do not see the changes in season as most northerners do, people who make the decision to relocate to south Florida do so for the weather. Our beautiful weather is very attractive to people, young and old and hopefully many businesses will also think it’s a great place. Things are constantly changing, sometimes slower than we want and sometimes faster than expected.

The cold wind of the season is marching on for now however, we know that very soon, warmer days will be here and it will be back to shorts and bathing suits. Enjoy the winter season of south Florida!

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