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It’s all over for this year and streets back open and business as usual for downtown Lake Worth. There were so many amazing paintings and all the artists did a phenomenal job. The weather was great, the security provided by the PBC SheriffsSheriff Security Lake Worth Street Painting 2019-640x480 kept everyone safe, musical band performed and entertained the crowd and the food vendors offered a variety of delicious food. All in all, it was another excellent year for this event always well attended.

Here are some of the paintings from this year’s Festival!

Praying Unites 2019 Lake Worth Street Painting 2019-640x480Mainstage LW Street Painting Festival-640x480Man fishing Lake Worth Street Painting 2019-640x480LW Street Painting Artist 2019-640x480Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 3D-640x480Lake Worth Street Painting Artist-640x480Lake Worth Street Painting Artist at work-640x480Horse Lake Worth Street Painting 2019-640x480Food Vendors Lake Worth Street Painting 2019-640x480Karl Lagerfeld Lake Worth Streeet Painting 201-640x480Finishing touches LW Street Painting Festival-640x480Creativity at LW Street Painting Festival 2019-640x480Bob Marley 2019 LW Street Painting Festival-640x480Baby Painting LW Street Painting Festival-640x480Artists at work LW Street Painting 2019-640x480Artists Painting at LW Street Painting 2019-640x480Artist at work LW Street Painting Festival-640x480Artist at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2019-640x4802019 LW Street Painting-640x4802019 Lake Worth Street Painting-640x4803D Painting LW Street Painting Festival-640x480





Tracy Lee Stum LW Street Painting 2019-640x480 Work in progress Lake Worth Street Painting Festival-640x480 Terminator LW Street Painting 2019-640x480 Spiderman 2019 Lake Worth Street Painting-640x480

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