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Baby showers at the park are a fantastic idea. You can in fact have baby showers at most local parks. However you will want to be sure to schedule it during normal park hours and leave enough time to have the baby shower prior to the park’s closing hours. Dreher Park South 042Depending on the number of people attending, make sure that you give enough advance notice, preferably months in advance to the local Parks and Recreation Dept.

Lake Lytal Park 038

For larger pavilion (up to 100 people) the fee is $60 for residents and $80 for non residents. The smaller pavilion (up to 50 people) the fee is $40 for residents and $60 for non residents. Usually there is also a deposit fee between $50 and $100.

Here in West Palm Beach, you can reserve a pavilion at Dreher, South Olive, Gaines, Howard and Coleman parks. Other parks do not offer adequate facility for large gatherings.  Keep in mind that no amplified music is allowed (DJ). It’s a good idea to visit our local parks and notice which one would best suit your needs and the needs of all who will attend.

Baby showers at the park can be done, with enough planning!

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